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2.0 Literature Review According to Cohen (1997), he suggested the fact that one of the most notable events in the modern American history was created by an insignificant person; Lee Harvey Oswald remains very peculiar. There are as many as 61% believes that not only Lee Harvey Oswald who participated in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. (Swift, 2013) This literature review will consist of the reasons that could have triggered Lee Harvey Oswald to assassinate John F. Kennedy; evidences could have been tampered or ignored by the Warren Commission during their investigation and finally, the conspiracy theories surrounding the assassination of John F. Kennedy. 2.1 Warren Commission Report 2.2 Lee Harvey Oswald It was believed that Lee Harvey…show more content…
This means that he could have fired a revolver, but not a carbine. (Fretzer, 2009) 2.3.4 The Zapruder Film The Zapruder Film is a 27 second home movie of the assassination that was recorded by Abraham Zapruder. The film was recorded from a 4 foot concrete pedestal, which allows Zapruder to film the entire assassination. However, the Warren Commission report is not consistent to the film. It is believed by David W. Mantik, M.D., Ph.D, that the shot is supposed to be thirty to forty feet down Elm Street and not on frame 313 of the Zapruder Film. (Fretzer, 2005) Due to the location differences, Knight (2003) suggested that perhaps there were two gunmen. 2.4 Conspiracy Theories There were loose ends in the Warren Commission report. Hence, conspiracy theories were scattered all over the place. Some conspiracy theories suggested that there were more than a shooter; others argued that Lee Harvey Oswald did not do it and some believed that bigger organization and notable people were involved in the assassination of the president. 2.4.1. More Than One…show more content…
Lyndon B. Johnson Lyndon B. Johnson was the Vice President when John F. Kennedy assassination. When John F. Kennedy was president, Lyndon B. Johnson suffered from various political and personal problems. (Williams, 2013) He had the most to gain as he became the president when John F. Kennedy was killed. (Goldman, 2013) The Mafia There are many reasons to why the mafia could have been involved. First and foremost, the mob did not like John F. Kennedy’s brother, U.S. Attorney General, Robert Kennedy. This was due to the fact that Robert Kennedy was messing around with organised crimes. As a result, many notable mafias were executed. (The Week, 2015) Secondly, John F. Kennedy made it impossible for the mobs to continue their organised crimes in Cuba when he failed “Bays of Pigs Invasion” mission. Conspiracy theorist suggested that Jack Ruby, the person who killed Lee Harvey Oswald was connected to the mafias as well. (Goldman, 2013) The CIA The Central Intelligence Agency and John F. Kennedy was in an argument when John F. Kennedy figured out that the CIA wanted to kill the Cuban leader, Fidel Castro. The CIA thought that John F. Kennedy could demolish the entire agency. (Patterson,

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