Why Looks Are The Last Bastion Of Discrimination Essay

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People are getting judged off of their looks and are not getting jobs for it. Judging people based on their appearance is wrong and something needs to be done about it. Discriminating people based on their look is horrible and is often overlooked in many situations in the workforce.
People in today’s world need a job to be able to pay for supplies they need. Since there is discrimination when applying for jobs, most people do not get the chance to work. In the story, “Why looks are the last bastion of discrimination”, “an obese woman was rejected for a job as a bus driver when a company doctor assumed she was not up to the task after watching her waddle down the hall” (Rhode 1). This shows that there is discrimination in the workforce because a doctor made a decision by judging the woman that applied. She was not given the chance at the next step to being hired based on this doctor’s judgment. This is not right and should be fixed.
Another way people are being discriminated is by their shape. Dehorah L. Rhode states that, “ a
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Rhode states that, “Nikki Youngblood was denied a photo in her high school year book because she refused to pose in a scoop-necked dress” (3). This is showing that women are getting discriminated by wearing clothing that show too much or not showing anything. Women should be able to wear what they want and what they are comfortable in without being judged. People should be worried about the job that they need to get done and not about what others are wearing.
In conclusion, people should not be discriminated by their race and gender, size, and shape. People should be working on their job and looking for people who can help that company become a workforce no matter what that person looks like. There should be no lines drawn that say that someone can not be hired based on their appearance. Everyone needs a job to be able to live and purchase the necessities to

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