Why Lunch Ladies Are Heroes Analysis

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Lunch Ladies Are Heroes “Why lunch ladies are heroes” by Jarrett J. Krosoczka is about not taking people for granted. Krosoczka talks about his experience with his school lunch ladies and how they affected his life it a positive way. Krosoczka gave a TED talk in July 2004 in front of CEOs and successful companies and shared his story about lunch ladies being important and not taking them for granted, or anyone in general for granted. Krosoczka used pathos to get to the emotions of the audience. Tone was his strongest writing strategy because he was consistent with his idea that lunch ladies are important.
He told his story about his experience with good people and made the audience feel the heroism of lunch ladies and other people. “And the stories of heroism go well beyond just a kid getting a few
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Krosoczka gets the crowd to relate to his story then tells them the lesson he learned about loving everyone and appreciating what people do. He builds up his main idea and states how lunch ladies do not get enough credit. Krosoczka persuades the audience to be thankful and respect everyone. He starts with his story and then goes into what it means to him, which persuades the audience to agree with him. His sentence structure is simple, for example, “ and of course what she does is important. What they all do is important” (Krosoczka 2). This quote represents how his sentences can be simple yet show the meaning and get straight to the point. In the beginning there are many run-on sentences This is when he is first introducing the main point of his speech. Krosoczka moves smoothly from one idea to another by being light and complex sentences then starts to transition to short simple sentences to wrap up his idea and the speech. He uses so form of punctuation to emphasize that what follows is
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