Why Mass Incarceration Policies Must Change

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1: Drug addiction, reasons are increasing day by day. 2: However, government are trying to reduce, but it is helpless and a lot of reasons behind this poverty, poor, education, and unemployment. 3: And this drug incarceration policy should be change. 1: Prison is not giving proper guidance 2: Rehabilitation 3: Unemployment rate 1: In this article, “Prison addiction: why mass incarceration policies must change” the author, Madden, Denis J, is stating that the reason of drug addict, are higher unemployment rate, poor education, and poverties. 2: At first, he is giving the example Baltimore city. 3: That too many people sentenced by nonviolence drug abuse causing a lot of problem in the society, because the prison is not giving proper guidance to inmates. 4:…show more content…
6: After that the prison are making their own profit. 7: After that United State has second largest prisoners to citizen ratio in the world. 8: Finally, author compares the white Americans and Africans people booked in the drugs abuse crime. 9: He states that, Americans and Africans are much higher percent drugs abuse violation that can reduce rehabilitation, education, and poverties. 1: I disagree on the author point of view that there should be minimum sentences, because this will send wrong massage to drug addict people. 2: Though sentences will raise the fear to people and they will avoid using it. 1: I fully agree with author that there should be proper rehabilitation program for drug offender inmates so that they can return to society again and fully give up the drug uses. 1: I agree that some private jails’ guidance are not good. 2: They don‘t give much time on them and they do not give proper guidance to inmates. 3: Only they try to make profit themselves. 4: If the prison gives better guidance to inmates, and it can to improve on them. 1: I disagree because people who are addiction them. They should think on their health, family, and

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