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Why Me? Throughout my life, I have learned many lessons. I have learned how truly fortunate I am, even in the worst of times, how to define myself, what winning feels like, and what loosing everything feels. But the most important lesson that I have learned is that it is not my failures that define me, but how I recover from them. Not only have these lessons prepared me and made me a perfect candidate for this summer program, but also prepared me for the environment of Duke University in the future. When I was eleven years old, my role model, my hero, my daddy, lost his six year long battle with colon cancer and passed away. It was a long and agonizing journey that my entire family suffered through. I did not realize it at the time, but this painful experience had taught me many lessons that most people probably will not learn in their lifetime. One of the lessons this tragedy taught me was that if I could live through something as traumatic as a parent suffering and eventually dying, then I knew that I could get through anything that life threw at me, no matter how…show more content…
To begin, faith is important to me because I cannot remember a time that I did not know God. Sue there were times where I questioned God, got mad at God, doubted God, and thought that I had lost God, but I never ceased to know Him. Without my faith, I would cease to be Cassandra all together because He created and loved into existence. I believe that in faith it is important to get involved in the church and give back to God and I believe I have started my path there by being an active member of my church of Saint Patrick's Catholic Community, lecturing the weekly Sunday readings, being a hospitality minister practically every week, attending my Catholic youth group, visiting the sick in the hospital and by joint my youth group on weekly service projects such as Feed My Starving Children to help those who are less
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