The Benefits Of Milk Consumption

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My how times have changed. For decades, milk was sold as the salvation of the human body. Parents continually told their kids that milk was a necessary part of a balanced diet, providing much needed calcium for healthy bones and teeth. Advertising campaigns like "Got Milk" or "Milk does the body good" were used to sell Americans on the notion milk was healthy, a notion that permeated American society. However, recent studies conducted over the last 10-15 years are painting a much different story. So, is milk good for you?

On the Positive Side
Before examining the new information that indicates milk might not be all it claims to be, there are certain benefits of milk consumption that should be pointed out for consumers.

1. Muscle Building
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Around the turn of the century, further studies indicated that milk was capable of creating just as many problems as it could solve. Furthermore, consumers who were wondering is whole milk bad for you soon discovered it didn't make much difference what type of milk was being consumed. With that said, here is a look at some of the negative things about milk that might warrant avoiding it in the future.

1. Good Calcium vs Bad Protein - Considering all of the revelations about how much milk contributes to building strong teeth and bones, it turns out the benefits of calcium from milk are offset by another issue. It has been determined that the animal protein found in milk actually acts to weaken bones because it rapidly depletes the amount of calcium in the human body. That kind of debunks the myth that milk is a useful product in reducing the risk of bone fractures typically caused by
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Conflicts About Weight Management - Almost all food products and beverages are evaluated based upon whether or not they contribute to weight gain or obesity. In the case of milk, it depends on levels of consumption. Taken in small amounts, milk acts as an efficient fat-burner, which helps eliminate body fat. On the other side of the coin, milk has a lot of calories. Most consumers buy 2% fat content, which has 138 calories per 8 ounce serving. If a person drinks the recommended daily amount of three servings, they are taking in over 400 calories, which represents almost 25% of the recommended daily amount of calories in a healthy diet. For those who drink a carton as day, they are running the risk of negating the fat-burning properties in favor of creating extra body

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