Why Millennials Will Save Us All Analysis

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Since the term “millennial” was created, there has been an ongoing bandwagon of hate for the new tech­savvy generation. The dislike that has been expressed is usually generalized and has little to no evidence to back the ideas up.This trend has been popular for years without a prominent response from the other team, until author Joel Stein emerged and wrote the article, “The New Greatest Generation. Why Millennials Will Save Us All.” Stein uses research, personal experiences, and humor to convince his audience that millennials are not horrible individuals but could become the new greatest generation of all time. The hostility that millennials get is typically displayed without any real hardcore facts to why the generation is a so­called “disgrace”, while Joel Stein does the exact opposite in…show more content…
His dialect with both examples of humor exhibits that Stein is impartial to the feelings of either parties and is simplify stating facts. Although some may disagree, the humorous aspect makes the article enjoyable and pushes the reader even further to agree with Stein’s argument. In addition to research and personal experience, Stein also uses humor to create his successful argument on millennials. The unreliable hateful statements that many have said about millennials has definitely been countered by Joel Stein’s article, “The New Greatest Generation. Why Millennials Will Save Us All.” Throughout his article, Stein defends millennials and their new way of life against some of the older closed­minded generations. Stein does not only give his opinions about the matter, but also presents his case using rhetorical appeals of ethos, logos, and pathos. Joel Stein keeps his reasonings unbiased because he is very aware of what the older generations think and also understands why millennials live the lifestyles they do. Overall, Stein is successful in argument that millennials can be the best new generation of all
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