Why Momma In Why The Caged Bird Sings

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Momma is a big part of the book “Why the caged bird sings”. Momma is my favorite character in the whole book. She the strongest of them all she has all of these things that have happened to her and she doesn 't let it show. She 's taking care of her grand kids, she 's a tough woman and i have respect for everything she 's done . Momma plays a role in Maya 's life, Maya is a girl who mad to move from her mom live with her grandma (Momma). Her life was hard raped at a young age didn 't talk for a 5 years, she only talked to her little brother Bailey. So Mommas was in charge of them both helped them through their young life and did the best to keep them safe. Momma is a very gorgeous woman who was older but not too old when maya was a little
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