Essay On Should Mothers Work

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"If a person really wants to live , he should work and be bold." that’s what Van Gogh said(Zain Saleem, 2014). Women are half of the society, they are mothers, sisters, and daughters, but many think about the role of the mother at work. From 1970 to 2000, the percentage of working mothers has increased from 40.8% to 57.5%. However, the percentage dropped 1.5% between 2000, and 2004 from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. In the past, men used to work in order to bring money for his children, and family, however, everything has changed nowadays because women can work, and help her husband with the financial matters, and expenses. The following reasons will show why a mother should work. First of all, proponents claim that the mother should work because she will support the family. The mother can support her family in different ways. For example, offering psychological, and monetary support. Also, if the mother can do both jobs; which is to take care of the house, and work, the children will see her like a role model. The study was done by…show more content…
A study shows that the opinion of stay at home mothers reached to 56.% of the people (“Should Mothers Stay at Home and Look After their Children”, n.d). It may be true that the right place for the mother is her house, because the children want their mother next to them. However, when, the mother always stays at home with the kids, she will overprotect the child. So, the child will not be responsible and independent, not like the child that has a working mother, because she will teach the child how to become responsible. For example, the mother who works can provide a better life for her children through the money she makes, by offering better education, health care and also a better social life. In other words, even though some people may not agree with working women, it is true that work can give mothers and children a better
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