Why Musicians Should Be Able To Sell Out?

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Success in the music business is a thing of wonders isn 't it? From the ongoing fame to having people looking up to you, it 's something really special. But things are making the music world different. Instead of people buying the albums from the musicians, the internet services allows them to stream it which doesn 't cost a penny. Now the musicians are receiving less while the customers are getting their music for free. But since their basically making the musician lose money, now all they can do now is do advertisements. So is it right for musicians to sell out, and the answer to that is yes they should. Musicians should be able to sell out for various of reasons. Musicians should be able to sell out and here 's the reasoning why. Musicians are losing money because people won 't buy…show more content…
Now many people are gonna be upset and won 't agree while they too have reasonings why they shouldn 't need to sell out to make more money. Many people would say but they should just sell merchandise as source three suggests. As that could be the case, think about it logically. Wouldn 't it cost them more money to make the merchandise than to sell it? Some of the merchandise wouldn 't sell out so they will be losing money instead of gain it. Plus, if they want to get their songs out their and fast so people could hear it as fast as possible while people would buy more copies of their music, they should simply do advertisements. To end this discussion, musicians should be able to sell out for various of reasons. They can get their music out there in the open for everyone can see faster, they 'll be making up the money lost as less and less people are buying through physical sales, and it 's a safer way for them to make money. Yeah they could be able to sell merchandise but it doesn 't necessarily means they 'll sell all of the merchandise and even if they do will it still be as much as they lost in the first place? Putting on ads for everyone can see is just worth the risk
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