Why My Grade Dropped

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In english my grade is a little dropping because I have lots of things due som day that I focus in other stuff. In english I get a little behind because I do not do the things right away when they give it to me I wait till the last minute and finish it with that said I need to get on top of things. I need to get my things together and start doing things right away and give myself time. I think I should show all my skills towards english. I think I can do so much better.

In biology I am doing much better I am bettering my grade. If I keep doing my work and listening to Ms.Battle than I could do good and pass her class with a decent grade. I need to keep studying for quizes to make my grade stay the same as a 100 and not let anything bring it down.
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I need to stop talking and focusing more. I could help and talk in a low whisper voice for my grade to not drop. I have a feeling I could do so much better than this. I feel that I have an outstanding potential to do much better and do better on my quizes.

In P.E I think I am doing good but not so bad because y times when I am not in the mood to do something I dont unless someone pushes me to do better. I think I could have a good grade in p.e because I change and do the excirse right and just struggle with running. I should start changing more often to have a good grade.

In algebra 1 I feel like I am doing much more better. I am getting better grades. I have been getting good grades on my quizes. I went from a low grade on khan to a good grade. I feel like I can keep this grade if I keep studying for my quizes.

In cultural I think I am doing outstanding. I think I am doing outstanding because I have a 108%. I could keep this if I do all my work and not fail any quizes. I think that I am a good student in the class when she does not get me
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