Why My Hero Is My Mother Essay

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My hero is my mother. She has been there for me all my like and she cares about me and my sister more than anything. My mother will get anything I need even if she doesn't have much money, she always finds a way to get what I need and I appreciate that. My parents don't make a lot of money so sometimes we go a night without eating dinner or we’ll have to find something to make and eat or we just eat leftovers from the night before or a couple nights before and if there’s only enough food for my sister and I my mom will go a night without eating dinner. Also me or my sister go without buying clothes or shoes so we wear what we have in our closets and wear the shoes that we have even if they look kind of bad. My mom has had some tough times when she…show more content…
My mom finished elementary school and high school, but never went to college, I'm sure my mom wanted to go to college, but couldn't so she's pushing my sister and I to do well in high school and graduate so that we can go to college and get good paying jobs. Another difficult event my mother went through was when my mom lost her job and she was home all the time cleaning and cooking dinner before we got home and since my mom lost her job we were on food stamps so we would get a certain amount every week and we had to spend it wisely and had to try to get everything we really needed and forget about things we didn't necessarily need. For the holidays my mom signed up for this thing called Santa GIrls where she had to write me and my sisters names and our age and every Christmas ladies would could to our door with a bag full of toys that was meant for kids our age to play with I was happy that my mom did what she could to get gifts for my sister and I because we were in a difficult time. A terrible thing happened this year and my mom was really really
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