Why My Mother Wants Me Dead Essay

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The customs of dating, relationships and marriage in the U.S have made tremendous changes throughout the past fifty years. In the autobiography “Why My Mother Wants Me Dead” written by Sabatina James as told by Abigail Pesta, states that arranged marriages can be a serious and dangerous thing. Dating, relationships and marriage in today’s society is easy to find. You can find your soulmate or the person that is going to be your wife or husband on social networks and dating sites. It’s just that easy to find your soulmate in the street just drinking a coffee or even taking a picture. Today in the U.S it does not take too much to ask the person if they want to marry you. In some countries they are still going by tradition and arranged marriages. For example, in the autobiography talks about an eighteen year old girl (Sabatina James) being forced into an arranged marriage. Sabatina’s parents shipped her off to an Islamic school to “get educated”.…show more content…
In India they do arranged marriages and surprisingly the teens does not mind being set up for the marriages. The reason these teens don’t mind being set in arranged marriages is because they don’t have to worry about the struggle of a relationship. Many young teens in India look at marrying a person they don’t know gives them a lifetime to learn and love them. These marriages are not based on feelings, but commitment. In the text Sabatina was forced to go with the arranged marriage in which she didn’t want to do but since it was her family’s tradition she had to do it but she ran away. In her tradition it’s like disrespecting the families honor and her parents could have killed her. So it’s a loss and lose situation. Some teens are okay with the arranged marriages and some are not; that’s the biggest problem that is going on right now. Also I do believe that the U.S has a better way in relationships and marriages than some countries that are dealing with arranged
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