Why Is Nature Perfect

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Nature is perfect and acts so its perfection can be preserved and maintained. Idealistically it should be unadulterated and kept under our protection and idealistically we should live under its reign. Instead, we have manipulated its creations and have intervened in its plan of action. We have acted upon its manufacturing and have altered its designs. We human beings have interfered with natural selection and have pandered natural order.
Natural selection is the gradual process by which individuals with certain characteristics are able to stay alive until reaching reproduction age and then reproducing successfully. It is the gradual change by which an organism, through an adaptation to its environment, with the use of beneficial features has
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It creates us in ways and for reasons we have yet to discover why. But nature is perfect and we intrude in its perfect been. Every being standing in this planet was born a certain way. Every being ever born in this planet was born with a genetic composition that defined who she or he was. We were all born differently, for good or bad, distinct from each other for our benefit and advantage to use. Differences in our genomic expression are what can make us live and can make us die. Variations in our DNA are what rule our fate, what maintain us alive or deny us the privilege of life. Our differences should be embraced and should be viewed as opportunities for improvement; instead they are regarded as flaws to be fixed, errors to be taken care of. In our world, nature is overruled by human persistence for…show more content…
According to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention, among the leading causes of death, Heart diseases is the primary a cause of death in 2011, with a number of deaths of 596,577. Instead regarding animal deaths, the greater cause of animal death is the mosquito with two million people every year. (Telegraph). This shows that our leading natural killer does not even get to the toes of our primary source of death. Our life expectancy has become greater, as we have getting rid of our natural rivalry and natural rivals. Only biological conditions take away lives, but they are offset by the development of modern medicine. Natural selection has been stopped and its lack has given our population the possibility of growing exponentially, without any true limits that hold our population back.
Humans have developed medicines that can control certain diseases, counterattacking diseases faster and more effectively. Varicella, or colloquially Chicken Pox, is a very contagious and deadly disease. It causes a variety of symptoms and can lead to rapid excruciating death. There exists a vaccine for Varicella, it allows people to prevent this disease and prevent their deaths. Vaccines take over the duty of natural selection and replace it effectively. (Pearson) Medicine is able to cure diseases through a single shot or treatment. It has given us
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