Why Nothing Is Wrong Anymore By Meg Greenfield Analysis

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After reading “Why nothing is 'Wrong ' Anymore" by Meg Greenfield, she made a great point when she said " As a guide and a standard to live by, you don 't hear so much about "right and wrong" these days." She is absolutely right and I didn 't come to realize this until I read her story. Meg Greenfield listed a few examples of some substations for saying wrong. One example she used is Right and stupid. Greenfield explains that people typically use this one when someone gets caught stealing or does something reprehensible. People today are constantly making excuses for their actions instead of admitting that they were wrong. There were a few points Greenfield spoke about that really caught my attention such as: Right and sick, Right and not…show more content…
Right and not necessarily unconstitutional means just because it falls into the legal limits does not mean it isn 't wrong. Something that is legal does not mean it is morally acceptable. An example of that is leaving pets in locked cars. Leaving your pet in a car is not illegal yet leaving your child in a car is. It 's just as dangerous leaving a person 's dog unattended in a car and ends in the same result as if you were to leave your child unattended a car. Not having seat belts on school buses is another example of something that is legal but should not be. Schools have small children on buses and can be just as dangerous as a small car. Buses can easily tip over when the driver is going to fast or turning too sharply and the bus could tip over and cause harm to the children. Buses can easily wreck like any other car and need to have more safety regulations. Smoking around children is something else that is not necessarily unconstitutional but it is wrong. Smoking in a car with a minor under the age of 14 is illegal, however smoking in a home or within a certain amount feet is not illegal but is just as hazardous. Second hand smoke can increase the risk of respiratory ailments and sudden infant death syndrome. All of these things that I listed are not necessarily unconstitutional but they are very much wrong. I believe there are some things that are not illegal that we should
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