Homer's Odyssey: Why Odysseus Is A Hero

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Odysseus is a hero. In my opinion a hero is someone who fights for what they believe in and fights for others. A hero gives his life to save another person no matter what the risk. Odysseus fought for what he needed. He fought for his wife, and his child. He fought any bad guy who came along just with a bow and arrow. He did what he needed to get to the end alive with his men and saving people on the way, even if that meant making some mistakes. Odysseus needed to be a hero to get back to where he did in the end. In the end because of his bravery and loyalty he got back to his wife and stuck all the way through the tough times. Odysseus is a hero.
¨Old shipmates,friends, the rest of you stand by; Iĺl make the crossing in my own ship, with my own company, and find out what the mainland natives are - for they may be wild savages, and lawless, or hospitable and god fearing men¨ ( 1113 lines 70-75). This shows Odysseus being a hero because he was in charge around there, people trusted him and wanted him to lead. He could have just sat on his butt and had his men lead and find out what was going on but he didn't. He fought for other people even if it meant he could have died. He went to the unknown and went to see if
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¨That was all, and it brought them round to action. But as I sent them on toward Scylla, I told them nothing, as they could do nothing¨ (1135). Odysseus knew there was nothing else he could do as he sent his men to action because the Cyclops had trapped them. Someone might say well you have this , or oh you'll be okay. Now while this might have made it more comforting, Odysseus just wanted to help them and let them know the truth. Odysseus isn't always perfect but he wasn't a bad person either he tried with all his might and all his heart. With the setbacks he had most people, most God's wouldn't be able to fight through

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