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When parents or couples were to be asked about childre , they would likely say that children are one of the biggest fortune that they can acquire. It’s true that raising kids can be difficult for some parents however it can also give semantic to the life of many parents. Nevertheless , having a child can give some problems that inexpierent parents might have to deal with. This can cause children to misbehave. Hence, parents do not care about their children on why they are being misbehave. The three major causes for children to be misbehave are communication , problem solving, and peer influence.

The first causes children to misbehave is communication. Most of the times when children are misbehave, they are most likely lack of manners. Parents need to teach their child about discipline because when a child knows what a discipline is they are most probably can take care of themselves. For an example, if a child doesn 't have manners he or she would be rude to other people. Parents also need to stop being so materialistic because when parents become materialistic they are too busy working and will neglect about their beloved child. As an example, a child
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Adults need to teach their kids about solving problems in daily life. This will help the child to think more rationally in a specific situation. When a child is going to do something, he or she will think whether the "action" is rational or not. Furthermore, parents need to help their children on making a decision. Making a right decision plays an important role because a child can make a bad decision and feels bad about it. Thus, making the child to be frustrated and misbehave. Parents also need to teach their children about learning from their own mistakes not scold them from their mistakes because this will draw conflict between family and causing the child to misbehave. As a consequence, problem solving is also one of the causes of a child to

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