Why People Attend College Research Paper

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So the question being asked is: “Do you think there is a need for all high school graduates to attend college?” My answer to that question is no. There are many reasons and valid explanations as to why. First off, not every job and career out there requires a college education after high school. It would most certainly benefit you greatly in the long run but it is possible to live a successful life without it. I know many people that have succeeded and lived a great life just by finishing high school. Many jobs that you will have and many career paths only require a high school diploma. For example, being a musician is something I want to do, as well as being a music producer and it does not necessarily require you to have a college education. A career like that is mostly skill based and can be achieved and well-lived on your own with plenty of practice and self-knowledge. Many of the world’s richest and most successful people didn’t even graduate from high school let alone make it to college. Now I’m not implying that I don’t want to attend college because that is not true, I would most certainly love to go to college but not everybody is blessed with the same opportunities.…show more content…
Debt is another thing I would not want to have to worry about for many years after i’m finished college. Sure, by then you may have your “dream” job and you’ll be making vast amounts of cash but there will still be the stress of debt from college weighing down on your shoulders. Honestly, if my future after high school doesn’t turn out like I want it to then my best bet would be to attend a community college. This isn’t really a terrible thing though considering many of the same opportunities are still granted to you for your future job or career
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