What Causes Climate Change Essay

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Some scientists believe that the warming is caused by human reason. Because they think that the world population is growing rapidly, this is the main cause of climate warming. People no protection measures for the environmental pollution at the same time, the forest has certain harm, ocean climate warming. I think this is part of the reason that cause climate change. But I think that the other reasons that cause climate change. Because there are many natural reason. Such as Volcanic activity is the most common things. And this can let climate change become more and more seriously. Also changes in the earth cycle The earth periodic track distance nearer to the sun. According to the scientists study the earth's temperature has a moderate high…show more content…
I think this is the best solution because it will let the environment balance. So we can have a better living environment. The sea level rise will not quickly .On the other hand, control the number of people is not effective because the number of people will continue rising in the world. We cannot control the number. So that we will not have the less carbon dioxide. Because this is the impossible ways to control climate change. In addition, people need to control the use of land is also not work. Because people need land to live. If we just have limited resources, we can not have a good life. We can't eat or grow up. How can we control the climate change. Through the process of this paper of researching this paper, I learned a lot, First, I learned a lot about climate change. Global warming has a lot to do with the environment, melting glaciers and raising sea levels. It may also increase the frequency of extreme weather events such as droughts, floods and extreme temperatures, affecting living organisms. Finally, it will affect the global ecosystem. Moreover, I also learned a lot about the natural causes is just one part of climate change. We also need control ourselves, Such as we can control the number of cut down the trees. And we can let the environment balanced. We also cannot waste the land. So that we can let limited resources become useful. Climate change can let us know a lot of things. So we can remind ourselves to protect the

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