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Multiculturalism is an often used term in Canada. Canada has over 34 different ethnic groups thanks to the increasing rate of immigration. Immigrants come to Canada for a variety of reasons that include both push and pull factors. However, there are three main reasons that people are attracted to Canada. Canada has a great reputation when it comes to politics, economy, government, law, etc. Also, the living standards are top-notch compared many other places in the world. Lastly, the education system is very supportive and job opportunity is great. One of the things Canada is recognized for is its cultural diversity. Many immigrants come to Canada because they know they will be respected, and not mistreated (unlike the United States…show more content…
Canada offers education from the age of four to adult. Anyone can be in the education system; nobody is restricted from attending school. In many other countries certain genders are not allowed to attend school, or the education quality is poor. Because Canadian education is easily accessible, good quality, and mostly free, many immigrants would want to choose Canada as a place to study. After secondary education, Canada offers a wide variety of colleges and universities to go to. Canada has the highest percent of university graduates in the world; 57% . Immigrants might also want to come to Canada because the universities are of high quality and most of them are more affordable than American universities. After university, people think about job opportunity. Canada has an unemployment rate of 7.1%, lower than more than 100 other countries in the world. This means that immigrants that come to Canada will have an easier time finding a job and earning a living than in many other places around the world. Education quality and accessibility is a main pull factor for many immigrants who want their child to have a good learning opportunity. University education would be another main reason for young adults to come and study and afterwards find a decent job to make a

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