Why People Depend On Technology

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Now a day, people live happy in their actual life because they depend on technology to manage their lives. Additionally, our lives go much better with technology so people feel comfortable to communicate by using their mobile phones and e-mails. As we know, our routines have been changed because of the new inventions which are created to make life easier for us. There are a lot of advantages of why people become overly depended on technology because technology helps us to save our time, we use it as on daily basis, and technology use in term of education. To start with, in our world we all rely on technology in a lot of places which it helps us to save our time. For example: if you want travel to another country, most people use the airlines booking.com to book the tickets and then they pay it online as well as the page itself its secure and no one can hack all your transactions. Also, the airlines booking.com become the most common web site for all the people now a day because it saves time and reducing the ticket prices so that people will feel satisfied by checking their email for their reservations. Additionally, booking tickets online is easier and better than going to travel offices which it considers the best site of services. Moreover, technology helps us to communicate with our families. Each of us uses his / her phone to talk with his/ her relatives and spend a good time with them. As well, most parents and children are connected directly by using social media

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