Why People Drink Alcohol Or Drunk Driver's Death?

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Drunk driving is a life-threatening issue that keeps on taking thousands of lives every year. Too many lives have been taken dependably from drunk driving. A death from drunk driving does not only affect the victim, but it influences everyone around them, such as family and friends. There are many reasons to why people drink alcohol, as alcohol can give an individual certain feeling and for some individual, it is the curiosity about the effects. Another reason, alcohol is consumed is to be used as a stress reliever. An individual when feeling depresses or sad, alcohol is a choice to relieve the pain. One of the most common reasons, why alcohol is consumed, as it is served as a beverage for events, gatherings and most commonly served…show more content…
James Pohlabeln, the drunk driver involved in the collision that killed four people including himself, was driving in the wrong lane of the highway I-75 which resulted in the crash. James Pohlabeln contemplated of suiciding a couple months before his death as told by his wife Marcy Pohlabeln because of his brother’s death. “Just 48 hours before the collision that resulted in the deaths, James Pohlabeln was arrested for operating a vehicle while intoxicated and failure to control. That same night just hours before from the crash, James Pohlabeln pleaded not guilty and released on his own recognizance.” (Sharan D. Boykin) Drunk driving is a very dangerous act in which this article proves that driving under the influence can result in serious injury or even deaths. In this case, drunk people should never drive while under intoxicated. Remember that drunk driving is taking people life more often each time they drive and don’t…show more content…
Long-term effects that can be the cause of the brain are Cardiomyopathy (“disease of the heart muscle”), Arrhythmias (“improper beating of the heart, whether irregular, too fast, or too slow”), stroke and high blood pressure. Alcohol also affects “the liver, which can lead to Steatosis, or fatty liver, alcoholic hepatitis, Fibrosis and Cirrhosis.” (Alcohol’s Effects on Body). Alcohol can also increase the development of mouth, throat, liver and breast cancer. Also, it can affect the human’s immune system, which disease can more easily target the human’s
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