Why People Go To College Essay

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Going to college is a great experience, but no one ever really asks why people go to college. Some people go to college for cultural reasons, to make their parents proud. Others go for economic reasons to improve their family’s financial situation. And yet other go because they want to learn as much as they can. So lets look at some substantial reasons why people go to college.
First, the cultural reasons for a student attending college that it could be expected of them by their parents. If the parents went to school and graduated as a lawyer or professional person they would expect and push their children to do the same. The parents because they see the value of their education they want their children to also see the value of higher education. Some parents because they didn’t have the opportunity to further their education they push their children into higher education. Both sets of parents push their children towards the expectation, and fully require in their
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Most students realize that having a high school diploma will not afford them a life style they desire. Most students have participated somewhat in the business world before they first attend college. Some have had menial jobs where they realize the value of education when another person get the promotion that they were not eligible for. For some students their reasoning to attend is as simple as not wanting to live paycheck to paycheck.
Lastly, some students attend college because they are truly disciples of learning. Many students enjoy the experience of opening their minds to new ideas and revelations through the higher education experience. Some people are life long learners because they enjoy the experience of the collegiate atmosphere. That collegiate experience includes professors they meet, students and faculty they work with, councilors and other professional people on
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