Why People Go To Law School Essay

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To provide Daniel with the best advice regarding his career a few background questions are incumbent in providing him with more substantive information regarding the legal education and legal profession. First, it is important to ask Daniel why he wants to go to law school because it will show us what kind of law he is interested in and for what reasons (SOC216, February 28th). For example, public or private law, common or civil law and by asking these general questions it will allow us to fill gaps in showing him school options as each school is generally known for certain types of law (SOC216, February 28th). Second, asking Daniel if tuition is a concern for him allows us to know not only family dynamic but also enables us to provide the best advice on school selection as costs ranges drastically (SOC216, February 28th). Third, what kind of job setting does Daniel hope to work in the future and how important are earnings, this is necessary because it will allow us to provide greater information on larger or small firms…show more content…
The reasons people choose to go to law school is related to where you are brought up and your socio-economic status (SOC216, February 28th). What we see and how we are taught growing up are all implications of why people choose to go to law school and what type of law they are interested in (SOC216, February 28th). Moreover, a majority of people in law school have parents who would be deemed highly educated and also have a higher income making them a privileged class (SOC216, February 28th). This becomes another indicator of why students choose to go to law school because they are worried with how they are supposed to maintain the status of what their parents have achieved and ultimately student's experiences lead them to what they see as their hopes and dreams for the future (SOC216, February
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