Why People In America Are Obese

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Fast Food Some people think the reason people in America are obese is because of fast food restaurants. Fast food restaurants sell greasy and unhealthy food that can make a person have health problems. Who is really to blame here, the fast food restaurants or the people who buy the food? Why would the restaurants be to blame? People should be responsible enough to know what is good and bad to put in their own body. It is not the restaurants responsibility to make people eat healthy. These businesses are trying to make money and they will sell whatever they can no matter how unhealthy it is, just to get money. Not all the health problems are life threatening but still could be prevented. All people have to do to stay clear of these problems is make better choices when it comes to food. Let’s talk about the problems fast food can have on the skin and bones of the body. One problem from eating fast food is acne. Chocolate and greasy foods high in carbohydrates have been known to cause acne. This is because the carbohydrates in the food increase blood sugar levels and trigger acne to form. Acne problems can be hard to get rid of but don’t have to be permanent. Another problem fast food causes is loss of enamel on the teeth. When you eat food that is high in carbs and sugar, bacteria residing in your…show more content…
Eating fast food such as pizza, hamburgers, and hot dogs, may be linked to depression. Studies have determined that people who eat fast food are 51% more likely to develop depression than those who eat little to no fast food. It was also found that the more a person eats fast food the more they will develop depression. A fast food diet can also affect your brains ability to remember things, and learn. Fast food is good for convenience and not bad as long as it’s not an everyday meal.
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