Why Do People Join Gangs

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Gangs started in the early eighteen hundreds and have continued to grow. A few of the reasons people join gangs are that they are looking for acceptance, money, or security. Some gang members come from a poor home life. Eighteenth-century gangs were not as violent as what they are today. The presence of gangs has a negative impact on city tourism, attractions, and population. Prevention programs should be in place to help keep young people from joining gangs as well as to help law enforcement control gang violence, which would attract more people to the cities.
The National Gang Center published a bulletin that states gangs in the 18th century began because of immigration of large poor families to the United States. Due to the number
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They join usually for protection, respect, and money. Most kids that are interested in joining a gang are involved in delinquent behavior, are aggressive or violent, and may have many problems at school, sometimes they feel unsafe in the community they live in. (Youth.gov) The Bloods Intelligence Report published in 2008 by the State Police of Virginia, states that some of the gang initiation activities are to be “jumped-in” or “beat-in”, this is where current members will kick, beat, and punch the recruit for a specific amount of time. Recruits may also have to commit some type of crime, like a robbery. Some recruits may have to shed blood to gain entry into the gang. (Info.publicintelligence.net)
The majority of gang members are approximately between the ages of 12-24. The reasons for young people joining gangs, which were stated above, tend to be due to lacking something within their life. They seek protection, possibly because they do not feel safe in their home environment or in their neighborhood. Regardless of their reasoning, determining ways to discourage youth from joining gangs is important not only for the safety of the youth but for the success and safety of the

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