Informative Essay On High School Shootings

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What is the worst thing you ever done? Perhaps it yell at your mom, or maybe steal a candy bar form the the store. How did you feel after the fact? Guilty, or regret? Well unlike normal people, nicholas cruz gets his kicks from killing 17 inconnect students of Stoneman Douglas High School. Even tho this is the most recent mass school shooting in the U.S right shooting have been around forever. Since the columbine shooting there has been over 7 events of a shooter walking on campus and firing their weapons. Why are these happening at the rate that they are. Is it terrorist is? Is it gang violence , or are people just sick? Well the it all of the above. Why do people shoot at school? The answer is simple revenge. For example…show more content…
When a weird couple breaks up 4 times out of 7 there a domestic case. And how do people handle the other person moving on? Well for so people they have the mentally of i can't have you no one can. This lead them to take the said persons life.. It very sad but when people with mental caps get a hold of guns what can you honestly expect. In school people are barely learning how to deal with life's ups and down and one of those life downs are dealing with a break up. And with dealing with a break up if one's not confident with his or her self there get hurt and when people get hurt they tend to not think very clearly. Let take this scenario a person is very attach to a girl. The girl break up with him, and he is very emotional and there a gun in his possession, would you trust him to make the right choice? Yes i would but if you take the same scenario but the person is handicapped then no because they can't tell right from wrong, and as a result venance is picked. But at the end of the day everyone has a breaking just takes the right person, action, or place to trigger the “point of no return”. If you think about everyone is a killer but not not everyone is willing to kill. There also the voices that make people do things...or there's people that just doesn't have remorse for
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