Why People Should Be Censored

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Censoring and problems around it Censoring is the act of officially examining something and excluding parts of it deemed unfit. This might not seem that bad, however the problem comes to be when we as a society must decide who deems certain things unfit. Along with what those certain things are. Should only tangible things be censored like books, signs and other things of that nature. Since the words are written and are permanent?. Or, should we continue to censor things like people’s voices as well like how it is on tv. Do we allow for the government to have that power?. Or in fear of having your right to free speech being compromised do we let society have the power to control what is and is not considered to be acceptable?. This is an extremely controversial case just for that reason. And there have been several court cases around the issue and what should and should not be censored.…show more content…
The degree to how much things should be censored should be determined by a number of variables. Some of which should include the current state of modern society and the history around that particular issue. If there is a current major problem going on then of course nobody should have their voices suppressed. That matters because the last thing people would want is for their voices to be silenced during times when opinions need to be heard. However, if you have people helping to fuel the problem and seem to be supporters of it than of course an exception should be made. However for the majority of people that does not pose enough of a problem or threat to be that relevant and have it apply to
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