Why People Should Be Paid For School Essay

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The couple should pay for the neighbors’ kids’ education. If they take advantage of if and do well in school, then it's fine. If they do not, then it would not be fair, because they are just wasting money for people who do not appreciate it. For people who do not make an effort in school to do their best are just not worth spending money for.

If they take advantage of their education it would be fine, because they are going to be working for our country. They will help our country be better by making laws, making a stronger government, helping other, and many other things. As soon as they start showing that they want to actually become someone then it is fair. They are helping someone achieve their goal in life. I’m sure they would want someone who is well educated.
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It would be like, money being thrown to the trash because it’s not being used properly. The money can be used for other things that are useful and needed. If they do not try, then that is their lose. They lost an opportunity of getting their education paid for. There might not be another opportunity like this for them in the future.

Everyone has their own opinion on things. If they are helping make a life better and they take advantage of it, then it’s okay. If they don’t take advantage of it and they show that they don't care, then this is when it’s not fair for them to pay for their education. They lost an opportunity that will help them succeed in life.

In conclusion, these are some reasons why they should pay for their education. Also, some reasons why they shouldn't pay for their education. Some people are generous and would like to help them, but other people don't like to waste money to help others So, taking advantage of other people paying for their education would be a great solution for student who want to be someone in
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