Why People Should Go To College

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College. One of the most crucial and immense decisions of a persons life. College is classified as one of the most tremendous milestones of an individual 's life, and the best. Going to college and seeking a degree you are more than likely to achieve success. Attending and graduating college guarantees a better life and more opportunities. You get to have a part in that college experience. I believe people should go to college and I am going to explain why. First, with a college degree, a better life and more opportunities are likely (not guaranteed.) According to the data analysis "Median annual earnings by age and education attainment", graduating college and attaining more education, individuals are more likely to make more money…show more content…
There is a huge debate on rather or not attending college is worth the money . Yes, college is very expensive. 69% of college students has to take out loans and are in debt. The average college student is about $28,400 in loan debt. According to Consumer Report, if a student drops out, or graduates and is either unemployed or underemployed, it may be next to impossible to pay back student loans. There are countless amount of jobs that do not require a college degree that has as admirable income. Such as but not limited to; manufacturing sales rep, insurance sales agents and plumbers who all have an average income of about $50,000. The real question in this debate is would you rather have that college experience ,work your dream job and wake up every morning enjoying your career ? Or, would you rather not have that college experience and wake up every morning not enjoying your career? Don’t be discouraged to attend college because of finances and the fear of loans. Go after your dreams, no matter the cost. Don’t be afraid to take chances and don’t fear change. Life is not about money. Life is about being content. Go for your dreams ! Money cannot buy happiness. I don’t want to be forced plumbing toilets. That profession is not worth $50,000 to me. Therefore, getting a college education is the best decision and route to
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