Should Teens Get Paid

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Hanna was working for hours. She came home, she was very tired and hungry. She looked at the refrigerator and there was no food, and she didn’t have money too. In jobs and other workplace She work hard and for long hours and She get paid less. So someone should do something about that. In stores like Mcdonalds we get less money. Then we have to work hard and everyday it is the same. You go there and work for 7 to 8 hour and you get less pay. And when you are going to the college and you to make money you work in a store and Mcdonalds and you don’t make enough money to pay. Teens should get paid more, so they can pay for their college and other things. The teens need more money so they don’t have to get loans and pay off college their whole life. This is is an example of people who want to go to college and to get money for the school.…show more content…
There are lot of middle class people who get less paid. They have a hard time living because of the medical insurance. Also, clothes are expensive and cost a lot of money. They get stressed and they fight, and they give up and start drinking. That’s the time where everything starts to change and they start smoking, and the children in that family they do the same thing.The government should increase the work wage so families don’t have to struggle and worry about the money. This problem is in all the places.People and families, they struggle for money. They can’t buy a house and get a good education. And it is so important to have good education and good
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