Why People Should Not Watch Too Much Tv

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Research conducted at Harvard University between TV watching and obesity more than 25 years ago. Since then, extensive research has confirmed the connection between fatness with TV watching among children and adults, in countries around the world. Besides that, it was proven that reducing TV time can help with weight control part of the reason why many institutions suggest not more than 2 hours per day for children and teens. It was because watching television means inactivity, and inactivity has been linked with obesity and heart disease. Watching television can cause obesity to children and also adults. There is an emerging prove that weight-related chronic diseases caused by too much TV watching. For example, the Nurses’ Health Study followed more than 50,000 middle-age women for six years. For every two hours the women spent watching television each day, they had a 23 percent higher risk…show more content…
Because when people watch an excessive amount of television they do not look for new solutions of any problems. TV changes the way of thinking. This is especially noticeable in the younger generation. Usually the film ends happily, even if the characters in the film were pursued by criminal group or Interpol. Because of this, people stop to look for the solution of problems and expect that everything will be resolved by itself well. In their brains creativity and the desire to create completely replaced by continuous consumption of the information which was produced by TV. That is why after watching too much TV people get typical forgetfulness and decreased ability to think abstractly. Also excessive TV watching changes the outlook on life. Most of those who met in real life with the representatives of various professions, say that, in reality, these people are quite different. They are very different from television characters, because TV does not show the reality, but try to show perfect
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