Why People Stand Up For Themselves Analysis

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Why is it important for people to stand up for what they believe in?

Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “ Our lives being to end the day we become silent about the things that matter.” Our beliefs and values are essential to the people that we are today, so we need to defend them and not be ashamed. Defending what you think is right will make you feel better because you’re not scared to speak about your beliefs. People should stand up for themselves because it helps build confidence and may influence someone's views. When people stand up for what they believe in it helps build their confidence. For example, when Karla was in the 4th grade she was a huge bookworm. Karla really enjoyed reading and would spend most of her
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For example, Billy had a friend that was a phenomenal soccer player, but his parents failed to realize their sons talent and did not want him to play because they didn't think he was good enough to play. Billy saw how heartbroken Carlos was because he has such a passion for soccer and it was being taken away from him by his own parents. So Billy tried endlessly talking to his Carlos parent’s trying to convince them of how amazing their son was at soccer, but each and every time they would shut Billy down but he was determined change their minds about their son playing soccer. Until one day, he recorded Carlos practicing and playing and that day he did amazing. Billy then showed them the video of their son and they were embarrassed and shocked by their actions because they were taking their son's dream away and were too blind to realize how amazing he really was. Their son later received a full scholarship to play at a university and began aspiring to become a professional soccer player. Billy stood up and believed in his friend Carlos and he was determined to change his friend's parents’ perception about their son playing. As a result, now Carlos’ parents support him in everything he wants to do. Surely, the relationship between Carlos and his parents would’ve continued being strained, if Billy wasn't willing to stand up for his

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