Why People Stay In Abusive Relationships Essay

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Many people ask this question: Why do people stay in abusive relationships? The problem with the question is that is puts the blame on the abused instead of the abuser. This suggests that the abused person wants to stay in the relationship, when meanswhile, they may be fooled into thinking that they have no means of escape.
Many abusers grew up in an abusive home; either one of their parents abused the other or the parent abused them. Because of growing up in this atmosphere, they do not know how to treat a significant other. Some abusers think they know best and blame their partner to justify their behavior. Abusers prioritize their wants and make their partner feel less deserving of respect or love, so the person stays in the relationship, and the abuser gets what they want. Others have a desire to have control in the relationship, and by abusing another person physically and psychologically they can have that power, especially if the power is used to keep a person from leaving. In Night, the veteran Jews abuse Eliezer, his father, and the other newly transported Jews because of the reason of power. Abusing other
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They could have an ongoing hope that the abuser will change, just as the Jews in Night had the continual hope that the Germans would not harm them, even as the Germans continued to treat them dismally. They may want the abuse to end, but not necessarily the relationship to end. Just as many abusers grew up in an abusive home, abused people may be drawn to that kind of relationship because they also grew up in an abusive home. They could feel as if abuse in a relationship is normal. Abused people could also feel embarrassment over their situation. Just as there could be the worry that they will be condemned by their religion, they may also feel like their friends, family, or society will judge them because of their being in an abusive

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