Why People Take Drugs Essay

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Why do Americans take drugs so much? Is it because Amerians are lack of self control or their society is so open? What’s the real reason for this?
Recently, I watched a shocking video about a baby whose mother took drugs during her pregnancy. In the video, the newborn baby was shaking his whole body like a leaf. On July 23 this year, a couple living in Utah, the United States, injected drugs into their baby who suffers from severe withdrawal symptoms to hide their drug habit. Are they so terrible?
Drugs are a huge social problem in America. It was a problem, but now it's become more serious. More people die because of drug abuse in America. And this year, more than sixty-thousand people died. I was very curious about what makes people addict to drugs and how it lead people to the death. And
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Heroin as you know is the most representative drug of the opioid. So why did people start this kind of drug? I mean, did they just start without thinking because they were so bored, and addicted? But what if you go to the clinic and get pills and painkillers that contains drugs from a doctor? What would you do if you were addicted to drugs unwittingly? Can you blame those people saying ‘It's a personal fault, you are lacking of self-control’? In fact, many people become addicted to drugs such as oxycodone, which is similar to drugs. When you take the pill, your pain goes away and you may feel good at that moment, but you will become tolerant more and more so when you stop taking the pill, a very small pain make you feel more pain. But why do they sell those dangerous drugs? Originally, the pill is a drug prescribed for patients suffering from very severe pain, but Purdue pharma widen the patientrange who are allowed to take the pill. Of course, there was the power of Lobbyist. So, doctors can prescribe the medicines for people who don't need this medicine, like those who have a

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