Why People Turn To Crime

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Families that are poor or have a low income are more likely to commit crimes for the purpose of their own needs to survive. “It is a fact that neighborhoods where the poor are concentrated are more prone to high crime rates, and poor residents are the most common victims of crimes” (1). The best explanation for this is that poorer people have the same needs as a regular middle class citizen. The poor citizens need certain things to help him or her live a healthy life, such as healthcare, food stamps, and more employment options. It has been argued that healthcare is too expensive and that food stamps have been taken away from many people. It is also extremely difficult to get a well-paying job in order to pay for housing, healthcare, and food. The lack of healthcare, food stamps, and well-paying jobs can result in people turning towards crime because of issues such as mental health, physical health, and employment options. One reason that people turn to crime is because of the lack of healthcare. Even when healthcare is available to people, a large portion of them are not able to pay for it since it is so expensive. For an average US citizen, healthcare costs just above 10,000 dollars per year. A chart from 2013 displays that 38 percent of debt collected from consumers is from healthcare (3). Making healthcare more affordable for lower class citizens will most likely result in a decrease in crime rates. People need healthcare for medical reasons such as mental and physical
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