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Do you use balloons? Many people use balloons. Most of the time for birthday parties or for gender revealing. You know, for exciting reasons. But, for me and my family, it is different. We use balloons to communicate with my sister, because she she is gone. We write letters on a balloon and then release them into the sky. We do this one time a year, in the month of July, for one special person, my sister. In 2001 on July 8th my older sister was born. I was born a year later on August 31st. Me and my sister were very close. We did everything together. We went with each other everywhere, we wore the same outfit together, we even looked alike. Many people asked us everywhere we went if we were twins, but we were not. We never got…show more content…
After every season we had a softball party, and that year it just happened to be a pool party. Me and my sister were both very excited for the pool party. We could not wait to go swimming and have a good time with our friends. It was June 12th. Party day. The party was scheduled to start at two o’clock that evening. Me and my sister had got up out of bed, washed our face, brushed our teeth, made our bed, then went to the kitchen to have breakfast. Sadly, that was the last time we would ever eat breakfast together. At one o’clock that day we began to get dressed in our swimsuits. We left the house at about 1:40. The party was not too far away from where we lived. We got there and immediately got in the pool. There were only three other girls there, so we were still waiting for our other teammates to arrive. We were all there playing in the pool and having a blast, until my sister noticed they had a slide that led into the pool. My sister wanted to go down the slide so bad, but she was scared, she was nervous. “ Is it deep?” is what she asked, while climbing up the steps of the slide. Those were her last words. As she sat at the top of the slide, she was scared, everyone could see it, but nobody

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