Why People Vailure Essay: Why Do People Fail

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I have asked myself this question so many times because I have experienced failure myself and I have friends who fail too and most times it was not because they didn’t plan well. When I couldn’t get an answer to this question I asked few people and here are few of what I gathered.

NOT SEEKING GOD FIRST: It is very possible to fail if one does not seek God first, but come to think of it what if one sought God and still failed. You know sometimes God want to put us in the right way but we see it as God not being supportive or God is not a promise keeper. God

will never fail in His duty, to guide, shield and guard us. He knows what is right for us and He loves to test us and know if we have faith in Him. Don’t ever expect a smooth way without a rough way; before the smooth way becomes smooth it was once rough. Expect any challenge or loss on your way to success because it is normal. Don’t ever think that you asked God or sought Him so you will not meet disappointments as they always say every disappointment is always a blessing. Even Jesus Christ was tempted, so brothers and sisters failure is to correct some things in our lives. Had it been Jesus Christ failed the test there wouldn’t have been you and I because Jesus is our hope of glory. The best thing is for us to pray for the grace to overcome
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If you are ignorant of what you are doing it is just a waste of time and energy it is better you go learn something about it. You will fail if you are ignorant of what you are doing so why not get a fore knowledge of it before proceeding. You are not yet a failure if you are ignorant but you are if you refuse to learn . There is this saying that life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. Fine, you already know you are ignorant of something why not find a solution to it. People will notice you fall if you refuse to stand quickly so when you fail strive to pass. The only solution

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