Why Pit Bulls Should Be Banned Essay

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Do you have a love of dogs? If so, then you will be very interested in this essay. I have conducted some research and even though I am not a dog lover I do not feel that all the pit bulls in Texas should be banned. The pit bulls only know what their owners teach them. Texas pit bull owners need to teach them to be good. Texas should not ban all the pit bulls because of the actions of a few. Pit bulls also scored very high on their temperament test. Some pit bulls may be penurious, but overall they have excellent temperaments. The temperament test is a test that shows how well one breed acts around another breed. Pit bulls scored 83% on their temperament test. That is a higher score than the Golden retrievers, a dog that is considered to be friendly. As shown in the temperament test, pit bulls can be friendly dogs as well. Pit bull owners need to treat their pit bulls nicely. It is just like it states in the golden rule: treat others the way you want to be treated. That does not just apply to humans, it applies to animals too. Dogs ' are not penurious or nice based on their breed, it is based on how their owners '…show more content…
Some pit bulls are penurious. There have been many pit bull attacks in the past and the present. One such attack happened to Justin Clinton. He was a ten year old boy who was mauled to death by two pit bulls. The mother of the child wants there to be a law called Justin 's law. The law states that owning a pit bull is considered a third degree felony. Pit bulls also have the highest bite rate percentage. These types of issues cause a fear of pit bulls. When some people are scared of something they act strange around it. Acting strange around pit bulls might cause them to react in bad ways toward you. Just as people should not judge people based on their appearances, animals should not be discriminated against because of how they look. We need not be afraid of pit bulls. While there are some bad things about pit bulls, the positives outweigh the
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