Why Pitbulls Are Lovable Pets

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Why Pitbull's are lovable pets

"Look and adorable Pitbull!" Usually Pitbulls attack because they are protective of their owner, which makes them good pets in spite of the rumors about them, being banned for no reason, and misunderstood. You should give Pitbull's a contingent change while they are still here.

To begin with, according to, rumors have be spreading briskly about Pitbull's and they aren’t true. For example, a rumor about Pit bull's is that they have a "lock jaw," obviously people are just saying that because they think Pitbulls are formidable, violent, and vicious. Pit bulls are beautiful and precious creatures that will be so watchful about their owner and their owner's family. Most of the time Pitbulls must be provoked. Now, when choosing a pet just remember the rumors you hear about Pit bulls aren't true.
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All the people in the U.S. think that Pit bulls should be banned because the rumors they heard about them being dangerous and vicious. The accuracy about Pitbulls is that they are protective. Again the rumor about Pitbull's having latching lock jaws, but honestly the truth about that rumor is it is just a plain old rumor. See someone makes up all these rumors to just keep Pitbulls out of this whole country. This character wants to ban an adored
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