What Is Plagiarism Bad In The Future

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Most people don't really think Plagiarism can be something bad in the future. Plagiarism is when you take some else work and you don’t give them credit. Plagiarizing work is like cheating off on an important person. Anyone in this world has done plagiarism once in their life without them even knowing they have done it. For example, one the most important person that we recall is Martin Luther King Jr. He once in his life did plagiarism as he recall it was when he turned in a dissertation for his university in Boston. His wife donated his paper to Stanford university the saw the the doctoral thesis was taken from another author. So plagiarism is a bad thing that can never be a good thing. There are many types and kinds of ways that people can actually use plagiarism. An type of plagiarism that…show more content…
Just by making simple mistakes like this one. For an example some of the consequences people might have with plagiarizing is that it can get you expelled from our course if your in school,it can result in your work not turn as well as you wanted to turn out, it can also result in expulsion from your academic institution, and lastly it can result in legal action . “The consequences of plagiarism could seriously endanger your academic career because your record will follow you: should you be compelled to leave your course of study, you will find it extremely difficult to obtain a place elsewhere because no college or university will want a student who has proven themselves to be dishonest and unworthy. These may seem very harsh words, but it is no exaggeration to say that for a moment of foolishness, you may be sacrificing your entire academic career.” As in the website consequences of plagiarism said that the consequences it basically can endanger your life your career om the future which can harm you.we make mistake in our life so don't take risk and dum choose. By just not wanting to do your own
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