Why Plagiarism Is Wrong Essay

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By definition plagiarism is “the act of taking someone else’s work and trying to pass it off as if it were your own.” There are many different types of plagiarism, such as having someone write a paper for you, copying somers paper or just copying something right from the internet. Plagiarism is wrong in many ways because if you are caught you are only hurting yourself. You hurt yourself by having teachers or professors question who you really are. Plagiarism is cheating. It’s not fair to the people who actually write what you are stealing because they get no credit for it. There is never anything good that comes from plagiarism.
Teachers and college professors know when something is plagiarized. Sometimes the plagiarized material does not meet
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Plagiarizing is disrespectful towards teachers because it is showing them that you are lazy and do not care about their assignments. Most times people plagiarize because they are too lazy to put what they read into their own words, or people are too lazy to read the material so they just copy and paste it. If you are too lazy to read the material you will not be able to fully understand the concepts and word them yourself. Which lead to plagiarism.
Plagiarism is morally wrong, it is going against the seventh commandment. The seventh commandment is “you shall not steal.” Plagiarism is stealing, therefore you are committing but only a sin but also a crime. Copyrighting someone’s work without correct citations could lead to being sued or a prison sentence.
Unfortunately the world we live in today it is not uncommon for people to plagiarize. People can not form their own thoughts on a topic given to them without looking up the topic and copying and pasting some part of what they find on the internet. People today just skim most of what they read which does not help people understand what they just read, which in the end leads to
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