Why Plastic Should Be Banned

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Plastic : To keep or ban?

In the ocean there is a new continent. It’s made up of trash the size of Europe. There is about 100 million tons of trash floating around in the ocean today, states “Are you eating plastic for dinner” a national geographic video. About 70% of that trash are plastic. Plastic is a material that is used in everyday life, but too much of that plastic is not being recycled, about 30%. The other plastic is being pushed into landfills and the ocean The article “Bum Wrap” states “People brought about the plastic mess. Only people can make it better.” In Washington, DC they put a price of 5 cents per plastic bag to motivate people not to buy it, but is that really enough? Everyone has 5 cents to spare, but can they spare a life? Plastic is terrible for the environment and should be banned because of how it affects living things it takes years to go away, and it isn’t goods for the environment.

Ocean creatures and our lives are at risk if we keep polluting oceans with plastic. In 2012 there was a whale found dead on the shore.
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It doesn't rot and it can survive extreme weather conditions such as heat, wind, or water. For a news paper it takes 6 weeks to breakdown. It takes 10-20 years for a plastic bag to breakdown. A aluminum can takes about 200 years to breakdown.Plastic bottles breakdown in 450 years. A glass bottle can take up to 1,000 years to breakdown. This was stated in the article “Plastic Problem.” THis makes me think if there's millions of plastic in the ocean and people are still polluting the ocean then the plastic is probably never going to go away unless we ban plastic. Once people use plastic, it goes into tight spaces or oceans and it is their but you don't see it. The extreme weather conditions make the plastic break down into tiny micro plastic pieces. These microplastics can even be in old closets or drawers. Plastic will stay unless we ban or reuse

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