Why Primates Are Better Than Other Mammals

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Due to the intellectual level of primates there parenting skills differ from other mammals. Primates birth fewer off spring than other mammals because there births are spaced out over time to account for teaching and nurturing the newborns. Primates tend to take much better care of there infants with mothering qualities due to there intelligence which is far different than other mammals who sometimes give birth and leave there young. Primates care for there offspring much more than other mammals and do things that more closely resemble the care humans have when it comes to parenting as oppose to animals like dolphins and other mammals. There are six types of social groups which primates follow. We have the one male multifemale pattern where there is just one male that produces off spring to multiple…show more content…
Instinctual behaviors are those that are instinct such as eating, staying warm, and knowing how to survive. The learned behaviors such as knowing how to interact with other primates and knowing how to parent don 't come instinctualy but come from watching and learning from other primates. They did a study where they raised a monkey without a mother to see if that monkey would be fully capable when an adult. The results showed that that monkey did not know how to raise her own offspring or how to interact with other monkeys. This shows that knowing how to raise offspring and interact with others is not something that is instinctual for primates but more something that is learned. Learned behaviors are important in primates because it shows that they can evolve by learning knew things and passing them onto there offspring. This ability of learned behavior is special in primates because of there intelligence. All animals have instinctual behaviors, which are needed to keep themselves alive, but not all species have learned behaviors as sophisticated as

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