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William Shakespeare, Known for his stories as well as the best writer in history. In today’s world, Shakespeare can be appealing to people or it can also be difficult to understand. “ Why Read Shakespeare?”, argument by Michael Mack explains the importance of reading Shakespeare for real-life experience and how his stories can lead to better understanding of the real world and yourself. Mack produce an unproductive argument that cannot appeal to the audience about how significant Shakespeare is for people to read through his use devices and understanding. In first place, the structure that Mack uses to give himself more credibility to the audience is his interpretation of what a person would say about reading Shakespeare, and how a character can relate to you. “…show more content…
Then, the author includes how this let us know more about our world. “Shakespeare offers a world of vicarious experience -a virtual reality, a sort of a flight simulator-that gives you a great advantage when it comes time to venture out into the real world.” (line 107-109) The author reading Shakespeare gives an advantage in the real world. But Mack should have give some pieces of Shakespeare’s stories for the audience to relate more to his concept of experiencing life through Shakespeare. “ We think of biology and chemistry, history and politics, psychology and sociology as subjects that are focused on the real world. Well, as with these subjects, Shakespeare offers us a lens on the real world in which we live.” ( line 63-66). The subjects like biology are important for everyone, since anyone has a future in which may depend on that subject. But the author have not state it how reading Shakespeare may help a person in their daily lifestyle.To improve this, Mack should have use some of Shakespeare works that could relate to the audience and how this could help in world we
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