Why Reality Is Reality

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Have you ever wondered why fantasy stay fantasy?, why reality is reality?, why things are never extraordinary in day-to-day life-like in your favorite action movie. Well the truth is that if life was like batman, Friday the thirteenth, Disney movies, chick flicks. What would we look forward to buying with the money we either waste, or work our butts off for things we could live without? That's why life sucks, other people say their lives are perfect ya right having all the money in the world doesn't make your life perfect. Most of the bratty kids whose PARENTS underline parents are rich probably never get the love they deserve at a young age, cause their parents work their whole life to EARN a living for them, they just think poor children…show more content…
From ages 10-12 i started cutting i just felt that when i cut it releases the pain from my life. i had friends that made my childhood better yes i did, but i forgot about them soon enough. my best friend was Ashley, she just made me smile everyday, the most surprising thing for me is that Ashley was beautiful like a model, she actually was a child model for a store and i was always there when she was on her photo shoots, we wanted to do it together but they said they had enough kid models but i didn't belive that, they didn't need an ugly chubby child like me, i still just kept cheering for Ashley every time. Every guy in 6th grade had a crush on her, they wanted her to date them but she said she would not date till she was old enough, and with the right person her "prince charming" i just wanted anyone to like me just anyone, i even had a phase where i changed how i looked like into wearing makeup from my mum's stuff, the teacher got concerned and called her in, this is where it started i thought my life was miserable, that everyone hated me, that no one understood how i felt, as you might have guessed my mum yelled at me and grounded me for a month. That, that was when i started building up anger in me every day, to get rid of some anger i cut. i never told anyone not even Ashley i started to get jealous of her it made me so mad to thing she is perfect and i am ugly, but as she is my best friend she found out i was depressed. She talked to me we cried, we laughed, i can't forget what she told me " you are perfect Amanda, you are the light to my day you bring life to my world.... who am i kidding you are my world and promise me nothing i mean nothing no one will ever break us apart" i promised her "cause Amanda you are the love of my life my one and only best friend i love you don't forget that, you can always tell me anything" i said i knew that but it
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