Why Refugees Cannot Returning Home

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Ha and refugees struggle because they have a hard time finding where they belong, and once they do things are different. For example “ a washing machine because no one here will scrub laundry in exchange for a bowl of rice” (Lai 125). Ha is not used to having a washing machine because back in Vietnam they washed clothes by hand for a bowl of rice and now it 's so different and easy. Ha also relates to other refugees because “ some refugees cannot return home nor can they stay in their country of asylum” (Gevert). A Lot of refugees cannot return home because it 's taken over by another country or its destroyed by war and they can 't stay in their refugee camp so they need to find a completely new home. “They 're standing waiting to get on the helicopter and…show more content…
In this first quote ha is feeling back again because she is tasting fresh rice again. “The first hot bite of freshly cooked rice plump and nutty makes me imagine the taste of ripe papaya although one has nothing to do with the other” (Lai 78). She feels back again because she is having fresh rice and she hasn 't had that in a while. Refugees feel back after having fresh food again “Once inside a country 's border they are in a refugee camp and from there they get fresh food” (Gevert). When refugees are in a refugee camp away from war and they have better food they feel back again. When Ha and her family are finally in their new country her brother picks her up from school on a bike and their hands touch and it brings her back again. “ I sit side saddle on the handle bars, edges of our hands touching” (Lai 154). She is riding a bike with her brother and the edges of their hands are touching and it 's making her feel back again. Once inside a new country and once they learn more about it they start to feel back because they don 't have to worry about war and danger. They also have fresh food and a warm bed to sleep in this makes them feel
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