Why Relationships Fail Essay

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Having a boyfriend has its ups and downs and it's up to me on how I will look at it. Choosing "Why does Relationships Fail?" as my topic helped me in so many ways to save my relationship. As a human, I am overly paranoid and dramatic, so most of the time I over think about normal situations and make a big deal out of it. Finding articles that gives a deeper explanation to how I feel made me realize that I am not alone, and whatever that I am going through, somewhere around the world someone is feeling the same thing.

Tejvan Pettinger in "7 Common Reasons Reltionships Fail," from Pick the Brain, Grow Yourself, listed the common reasons why relationships fail and these are, jealousy attachment, domination, selfishness, no time, too much time and picking faults. The article was quite short but precise. According to him with regards to jealousy, if our partner let us down it is not our fault but if we start to suspect only because of our insecurities, we are starting to create serious problems in our relationships. The second reason which is attachment starts because of insecurity again, real love and emotional attachment is different from each other, and based from the
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According to the author a research group from Heriot-Wat University found that our sense of the perfect relationship is already warped, and the root of all of this is Hollywood love stories. The author said that we can't demand our partners to make us happy, they are there to make it all better not good. As individuals we have to learn to be happy even if we are single. His four tips are the following, love yourself first, choose to be happy, fall in love when you are ready, not when you are lonely and Do not lose yourself in a relationship. The four tips are self explanatory and it's for the reader to
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