Why Respect Is Important

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Core Values differ from one person to the next although, respect is universal. Respecting someone’s culture and/or heritage is key to any successful helping profession. While in the process or gaining trust and report with your client, it is crucial that you learn what demonstrates trust to them within their family and friends. Hearing what your client needs from you and trusting that they know their story best shows that you are listening and engaged, along with eye contact, verbal or visual confirmations that you are hearing them is also important. Being heard and feeling like your important can be more help than the actual help itself. Another, way to demonstrate your values and dedication to their needs is to push outside thoughts out of your head by focusing on what they are saying, we all know that we have busy lives but going through your grocery list while your client is discussing personal and private matters is disrespectful and your face shows that you are not engaged in the conversation. So by interjecting and staying tuned in to what they are saying, you are actually giving them the freedom to explore their…show more content…
In clinical practice, one that I find inexcusable and disgraceful is rape. I ask myself how will I conquer my own moral compass to try to understand someone who has assaulted a person in this way. I find myself going back to a guest speaker I had in a previous class, who said simply this, “every human being deserves to be treated with dignity and respect”, while I purge through my future, especially in the helping profession, I will always remind myself of this. I do not agree with them, but they are still human and deserve to be treated like one, with respect and dignity. To say that I will struggle is an understatement, although I feel as though this will give me the perspective I need to power
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