Why Return To Monroe College Essay

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Why am I Melvin Rosario ready to return to Monroe college? Several years ago I interruted attending Monroe college for my medical administration associate degree. Let me begin with the reason I had to stop, it was years ago when my aunt Lidia Michel, who I was living with to help her pay the bills was fighting one of the worst diseases known to humanity (breast cancer), which by the time she went to the doctor, and was diagnosed it was too late, and cancers began spreading all over her body. I remember the doctors trying everything in their power to cure the deadly disease and we all lost hope when the doctors ask to speak to her family. When I stepped into the doctor 's office I knew it wasn 't anything positive they had to say from the looks on their faces. Once at the office the doctor explained that at this point all we can do is show her how much her family care and love her, and suggested that she needed someone to take care of…show more content…
They 're several reasons why yours truly wants to go on and return to Monroe. Being a father, my children look up to me and leading by example is key at this time and age. When achieving this goal, I can show my children many life lessons, such as a college degree can help you be so much more successful in life, every bit of education you get after high school increases the chances you 'll earn good pay, making your siblings proud, motivate them to crave better in life, follow the great example a college graduate sets, and much more. The long journey It took, to get my life back on track, once I realized that things are going great, I became a stronger person and all goals I have set since her passing, I have met. It was earlier this year that I attended my oldest son 's high school graduation where I gave it some thought to returning to college. It 's the perfect time to meet the greatest goal I set for myself and I 'm ready, more focus than ever, willing to do whatever it takes to start, complete my studies and obtain a degree at
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